"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity,
it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."
~ Agatha Christie

Alex, Cole and Braden - At 2 years, 2 months

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Alex the wiggler

It's about that time, folks. The time when the wiggles start. The time when you can't put one of the babies in their bouncy seat without strapping them in. Alex taught me this very important lesson in parenting and now I will share it with you!

Last week, I got the kids up around 7:30am and fed them all...usually the morning feeding is pretty low key. I put the boys in their boppys to look out the window and chat with each other, play with their rattles or hands...and Alex goes into what I call the "Frog and Monkey Chair"...basically her rainforest bouncy seat, where she can watch the animated frog and monkey (pretty creative name, huh?). She loves the chair and utters content little noises of amusement at the animals. Maybe she's telling them a story? Anyway, the kids usually fall asleep for a little snooze and I do some chores.

I was in the office, updating the page here, putting up pictures...and I hear Alex fussing a little. I mean, a little. I figured she was awake, so I put the finishing touches on the page and headed out to play with the princess.

Mind you, there was not one little peep coming from the other room until this moment...that is an important point!

I get out into the living room, and the now happy, cooing princess is playing with her hands...on the floor! Wait? What?! "How did you get there?! Weren't you in the chair?" I actually asked her this out loud, expecting an answer. Smugly not saying a word, she decided to let me figure this mystery out on my own! It was a test, I know...and she was teaching me. I had to be more careful with my little ones. She had wiggled herself all the way out of the deep seat, under the toy bar and onto the floor, without a sound, and without getting hurt. Actually, I think the reason she started fussing was because she was bored on the floor! Her head was nicely cushioned by the blanket she previously had on top of her and she was comfy, but bored. It was quite a funny little predicament! I laughed when I realized that she was ok and just what had happened.

Wow. I just stood there for a second, looking at her...wondering how it all happened and the hilarity of the situation was broken by the weight of what could have happened. If she was higher and fell, if she got caught on the toy bar, if the blanket fell on top of her.... Yikes! It was a sobering moment...and one lesson I won't forget!

I picked her up and hugged her tight. I thanked her for the lesson, buckled her in, and kissed her forehead. I was lucky and she is one smart kid.

It's been a while!

Well, it's been a few months...It has been tough to get back! Mike has been home working most days on the computer, and since the loss of my lifeline (my borrowed laptop!), I have had many stories to tell that have just fizzled in my brain before making it to the big time. Now, I feel like I am starting over; trying to remember all the fun stuff!

The kids are "sleeping through the night" now...whatever that means! We still get up quite a few times during the night, but they are making it without a feeding for almost 12 hours! Although, now I think the kids have officially boycotted sleeping during the day. It's been a catnap here, a little snooze there...but, of course, never together at the same time! I sometimes feel as though I am playing "musical babies" all day long...Play gym, bouncy chair, swing, toy bar, on lap, floor, boppy, bumbo, in arms, story time, baby einstein, yikes! It's a constant cycle of rotation. It is enough work to nourish three babies with food all day, it's quite another job to nourish them developmentally and emotionally. (All that and make the dogs feel good, too? ;) ) It's definitely hard work! And it challenges me every day. But it's fun most of the time! That's what gets me through it.

The kids have grown so much! Just putting the new pictures up and seeing the old ones from the first few months, it's an incredible change....boy, what a little weight on your bones can do! Alex has sprouted rosy, pinchable cheeks and the boys have started to look different from each other, finally. They all have big, irresistable blue eyes and beautiful smiles. Their hair is growing in too! Both of the boys have a sort of dirty blonde color, Alex's is a little darker. They are all "talking", making "goo goo ga ga" sounds - it's terribly cute. No matter how tired you are, the chorus of gibberish can always make me smile. They are wiggly and kicking and reaching out for toys. The boys have rolled over front to back already and Alex is trying so hard to go back to front! I think she likes to try the harder stuff first!

Their weights are quite unbelievable, even for a full-term baby! We are always shocked to see how much they gain at each appointment. The boys are about 20 pounds and Alex is 15 1/2. They are officially 6 months old today - and weigh as much as most year-old babies do! They have impressed us and scared us with this weight gain - preemies shouldn't be this big yet! Full term babies shouldn't be this big yet! ;) They eat what they want and stop when they are done, and they don't look more than the usual "baby pudgy"...so we will take it - and I guess be proud of how far they have come! Who would have thought? We are exceptionally lucky and so blessed.

They are all very alert, smiling and laughing at our jokes, something we don't ever want to lose! They love attention (especially Alex) and start to get excited when they think you are going to pick them up and play with them (Individual time is a precious commodity around here!). Holding their heads up so well, they like to be toted around the house in someone's arms...and they love to be outside. This winter will be tough to have to keep them indoors - they love the trees and the warm breezes... They also love to lay on mommy and daddy's bed during the day! No matter how cranky they are, they seem to know it's a treat and it instantly calms them.
They have noticed each other and actually laugh when one sibling is placed in front of them...as if they are completely delighted to see their friend. Of course, this sets us to laughing, which gets them going even more...and pretty soon, we have an all-out giggle fest on our hands. I love my life!

And, good news...their reflux seems to be under control - either the medicine is working very well, or they may be starting to grow out of it. Whatever the reason, we love it! Happy babies = Happy Mommy and Daddy! No more colic, no more reflux...yahoo! Now, we are on to teething.... ;) It seems that Cole is starting to cut his first tooth already! Though, they are all showing signs...drooling, chewing on their hands, cranky at night...it's coming for all three! Just knowing that it's a normal phase helps me to put it all into perspective..so I am hoping things won't be as unbearable as the reflux saga.

I'll post a few stories here and there (I have so many!), so as to not have one big update...so keep tuning in! Thanks again for all the support...it is still so overwhelming to feel so loved in so many ways.