"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity,
it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."
~ Agatha Christie

Alex, Cole and Braden - At 2 years, 2 months

Friday, June 29, 2007

X-rated...are you kidding?

It's pretty bad when you have to worry about the content your kids are taking in...it's whole other thing when they are censored themselves! I was posting new pictures on Myspace yesterday and included a few of their first "real" bath in the tub. They were so cute and definitely the embarrasing ones to show their future dates...But a few minutes later, I got an email from the My Space Administrator that my pictures were deleted and I was in danger of getting my profile removed...what?? I then realized that My Space has a policy that does not allow nude photos!! A little ridiculous, but they considered the pics to be in violation of that policy and pulled them...only 2 months old and already involved in a scandal! :) So, if you see a few with orange blocks covering the sensitive parts, now you know why!

The bath was fun to watch...tough to coordinate, but fun to watch! We decided to bathe them first, then feed them...so we waited until close to feeding time. Looking back, maybe that was a bad idea...

Alex was first up...I had to give her a little sugar water to satiate her hunger now that she was awake so close to chow time and not getting any food...she liked the bath for the most part and we were thinking how well it was working out - until the first brother started crying in the other room! We tried to finish her quickly, but still concentrate on her first bath being an experience (we videotaped it!). Funny how fast the crying escalated once we decided to politely ignore it for a few minutes! I swear he knew we decided to wait... Anyway, within a few minutes the other one started up too and it was time to finish up Alex. Ok, clean and documented...time for the next one!

Mike was in the bath tub with these guys with some swim trunks on so he could hold on to them - we thought it would be cute. Cute, but not efficient! Did we think this out beforehand?! Now what do I do? I have a wet baby in my hands who is now VERY hungry, two babies screaming in the other room who are VERY hungry, but not clean, two dogs and two cats in the room that were "just curious" and a husband in the tub waiting for the next one...not sure if he was hungry or not. I didn't ask. ;)

I think I was in the middle of this scream fest and thought...now what do I do? Who do I respond to first? Yikes! I decided that this bath thing while hungry was just not going to work, so we roused the boys and fed everyone. I think Mike did eat too, just for the record!
Ok, so now that we're all happy and fed, let's try this again! Braden was next and he liked the bath thing too...Cole was waiting for his turn and it was difficult keeping him awake and happy until that time while I was helping out with the bath - I wonder, could I buy more hands on ebay or something? At least Alex was asleep, full and clean....I should never think these things...because then they always change! Now she is crying...go get her settled...back to finish Braden and remember to keep it a happy first experience - don't rush! Braden decided that this was really relaxing, just laying half in the water on daddy's legs, facing him...well, he was so relaxed he started to pee on Mike's stomach! Of course, there was nothing he could do but protest and laugh..."Are you kidding me?" And that sort of made it worth it to be outside the tub - even if it was more work!

Ok, Braden out...dried, lotioned, diapered, calmed...and into the bouncy seat. Wait! Cole is currently occupying that seat - where do I put him down to switch kids? Mike takes the freshly washed Braden, Cole gets put on a towel on the counter...carefully supervised by my knee...take Braden from Mike, he goes into the bouncy seat and then hand Cole to Mike...is that Alex crying again??

Cole's turn! He actually hated it. Not sure if he was just scared, but he calmed down when Mike held him close - not the one I expected to hate it! We finished him quickly too, just long enough to capture the moment while Braden started fussing in the corner. We definitely could have used another set of hands!

Now mommy needs a bath! I was soaked with sweat from moving so fast and harried and the fact that it was 97 degrees outside. So, it took a while and some juggling, but mission accomplished...all fed, bathed and asleep in only 3 hours!

Wait, we have to do this again tomorrow? Yikes. Anyone want to come over and help? ;)

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