"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity,
it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."
~ Agatha Christie

Alex, Cole and Braden - At 2 years, 2 months

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Alex the wiggler

It's about that time, folks. The time when the wiggles start. The time when you can't put one of the babies in their bouncy seat without strapping them in. Alex taught me this very important lesson in parenting and now I will share it with you!

Last week, I got the kids up around 7:30am and fed them all...usually the morning feeding is pretty low key. I put the boys in their boppys to look out the window and chat with each other, play with their rattles or hands...and Alex goes into what I call the "Frog and Monkey Chair"...basically her rainforest bouncy seat, where she can watch the animated frog and monkey (pretty creative name, huh?). She loves the chair and utters content little noises of amusement at the animals. Maybe she's telling them a story? Anyway, the kids usually fall asleep for a little snooze and I do some chores.

I was in the office, updating the page here, putting up pictures...and I hear Alex fussing a little. I mean, a little. I figured she was awake, so I put the finishing touches on the page and headed out to play with the princess.

Mind you, there was not one little peep coming from the other room until this moment...that is an important point!

I get out into the living room, and the now happy, cooing princess is playing with her hands...on the floor! Wait? What?! "How did you get there?! Weren't you in the chair?" I actually asked her this out loud, expecting an answer. Smugly not saying a word, she decided to let me figure this mystery out on my own! It was a test, I know...and she was teaching me. I had to be more careful with my little ones. She had wiggled herself all the way out of the deep seat, under the toy bar and onto the floor, without a sound, and without getting hurt. Actually, I think the reason she started fussing was because she was bored on the floor! Her head was nicely cushioned by the blanket she previously had on top of her and she was comfy, but bored. It was quite a funny little predicament! I laughed when I realized that she was ok and just what had happened.

Wow. I just stood there for a second, looking at her...wondering how it all happened and the hilarity of the situation was broken by the weight of what could have happened. If she was higher and fell, if she got caught on the toy bar, if the blanket fell on top of her.... Yikes! It was a sobering moment...and one lesson I won't forget!

I picked her up and hugged her tight. I thanked her for the lesson, buckled her in, and kissed her forehead. I was lucky and she is one smart kid.

It's been a while!

Well, it's been a few months...It has been tough to get back! Mike has been home working most days on the computer, and since the loss of my lifeline (my borrowed laptop!), I have had many stories to tell that have just fizzled in my brain before making it to the big time. Now, I feel like I am starting over; trying to remember all the fun stuff!

The kids are "sleeping through the night" now...whatever that means! We still get up quite a few times during the night, but they are making it without a feeding for almost 12 hours! Although, now I think the kids have officially boycotted sleeping during the day. It's been a catnap here, a little snooze there...but, of course, never together at the same time! I sometimes feel as though I am playing "musical babies" all day long...Play gym, bouncy chair, swing, toy bar, on lap, floor, boppy, bumbo, in arms, story time, baby einstein, yikes! It's a constant cycle of rotation. It is enough work to nourish three babies with food all day, it's quite another job to nourish them developmentally and emotionally. (All that and make the dogs feel good, too? ;) ) It's definitely hard work! And it challenges me every day. But it's fun most of the time! That's what gets me through it.

The kids have grown so much! Just putting the new pictures up and seeing the old ones from the first few months, it's an incredible change....boy, what a little weight on your bones can do! Alex has sprouted rosy, pinchable cheeks and the boys have started to look different from each other, finally. They all have big, irresistable blue eyes and beautiful smiles. Their hair is growing in too! Both of the boys have a sort of dirty blonde color, Alex's is a little darker. They are all "talking", making "goo goo ga ga" sounds - it's terribly cute. No matter how tired you are, the chorus of gibberish can always make me smile. They are wiggly and kicking and reaching out for toys. The boys have rolled over front to back already and Alex is trying so hard to go back to front! I think she likes to try the harder stuff first!

Their weights are quite unbelievable, even for a full-term baby! We are always shocked to see how much they gain at each appointment. The boys are about 20 pounds and Alex is 15 1/2. They are officially 6 months old today - and weigh as much as most year-old babies do! They have impressed us and scared us with this weight gain - preemies shouldn't be this big yet! Full term babies shouldn't be this big yet! ;) They eat what they want and stop when they are done, and they don't look more than the usual "baby pudgy"...so we will take it - and I guess be proud of how far they have come! Who would have thought? We are exceptionally lucky and so blessed.

They are all very alert, smiling and laughing at our jokes, something we don't ever want to lose! They love attention (especially Alex) and start to get excited when they think you are going to pick them up and play with them (Individual time is a precious commodity around here!). Holding their heads up so well, they like to be toted around the house in someone's arms...and they love to be outside. This winter will be tough to have to keep them indoors - they love the trees and the warm breezes... They also love to lay on mommy and daddy's bed during the day! No matter how cranky they are, they seem to know it's a treat and it instantly calms them.
They have noticed each other and actually laugh when one sibling is placed in front of them...as if they are completely delighted to see their friend. Of course, this sets us to laughing, which gets them going even more...and pretty soon, we have an all-out giggle fest on our hands. I love my life!

And, good news...their reflux seems to be under control - either the medicine is working very well, or they may be starting to grow out of it. Whatever the reason, we love it! Happy babies = Happy Mommy and Daddy! No more colic, no more reflux...yahoo! Now, we are on to teething.... ;) It seems that Cole is starting to cut his first tooth already! Though, they are all showing signs...drooling, chewing on their hands, cranky at night...it's coming for all three! Just knowing that it's a normal phase helps me to put it all into perspective..so I am hoping things won't be as unbearable as the reflux saga.

I'll post a few stories here and there (I have so many!), so as to not have one big update...so keep tuning in! Thanks again for all the support...it is still so overwhelming to feel so loved in so many ways.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Imagine this scenario...

Relaxing in the house, spending time with the kids. A baby...(say, Alex) is in the bouncy chair in front of me, dozing off with her paci...looking quite comfortable. Another baby...(maybe Cole) is in my arms, being fed and feeling positively gorged, I'm thinking. And yet another baby...across the room in his swing (Oh, I don't know...how about Braden), looking happily up at the mobile, smiling even. All is good, all is calm, all is in control...

Then all of a sudden, one harmless occurance, like a blanket falling off of a lap onto the floor, causes an explosive chain reaction that is all too common in this house lately!

Swing causes blanket to fall off Braden's lap...binkie pops out of mouth...scream erupts instantaneously...which causes drowsy Alex to wake with a start, eyes wide open, hands out, paci falls out, cries erupt...and then Cole, happily trying to burp, starts to fidget unhappily and ultimately erupts into a HUGE burp that produces large quantity of spit-up that promptly goes down the arm of my hoodie. Erupting seems almost a fad these days!

*big sigh*...this is my life right now. ;) How quickly things change!

I was realizing last night that on an average day, these poor kids aren't getting a square deal! They have to live their life in "thirds of attention"...1/3 of mommy's attention all the time or all of mommy's attention 1/3 of the time. It's not always the same, I do try to rotate the lion's share of attention...sometimes I have more patience and they all get more learning stimulation than they can handle from me the whole day - other times they get a good chance to practice their self-soothing skills in a bouncy seat! I keep telling myself that it will make them stronger and more patient individuals...there's no chance we will have any spoiled kids around here...no time for that!

I have been entirely a non-blogger lately because we're still coping with the reflux and some sleeping issues with the kids. Even so, there are some moments we get that make it all worthwhile...like the smiles! They are all starting to smile and it takes my breath away. Just like in the womb, Cole is still the front runner; doing most things first. He's our indicator...once he does something, it's usually only a day or two before his siblings follow. It's quite interesting! He may be the first, but not always the most consistent.

Alex is actually the best at holding her head up high...and I think she is the most curious of her surroundings. And she is so interested in her brothers...Oh, but she is a little princess! She HAS to be sitting upright, or she lets out a scream.....yikes. The neighbors even hear it!
Braden has a 10 am smile fest, all on his own, looking up at the ceiling and thinking about something funny! He seems to like ceilings. Huh. Forget the toys! He loves tummy time (He's awesome at it!) and almost wants to crawl right over the boppy. The other day, when put on his tummy, he actually rolled right over onto his back!

And Cole has been so close to giggling. It's all quite hilarious, I can't help giggling myself while watching the new laughter. He is the most content of the three right now; he usually just wants to sit in your lap, giggling and cooing. It's so nice to finally see what a happy baby looks like!
As far as sleeping through the night goes...they are finally starting to show some signs that they may be ready! Mike has the 10pm feeding and we let them go to wake up on their own for the 2am feeding. Lately, they have been consistently going until 5 or 6am before screaming for breakfast! Although, I have to admit, they are swing addicts. They nap and sleep in their swings for now (beacause of the reflux) - so the true measure of sleeping through the night will only come after they stop getting automatically rocked to sleep every time they wake through the night. I'm really not looking forward to weaning them off of these wonderful inventions. Either way, we are definitely on the road (even if it isn't paved and it's quite long) to a little more freedom...and it feels good!

The kids are really getting quite big - Alex is probably almost 12 pounds by now...and the boys - yikes! I can only imagine. If I had to guess, I'd say around 15 pounds. They are packing on the pounds and we are loving every minute of it!

So, I walk out into the garage the other day and what do I see? My wonderful husband, consoling Cole. How, you ask? By sitting him on the quad and revving the engine, of course! Boys will be boys, I guess. Talking to him about how he will be taking him for rides soon...like, within the month...right! What a little kid! He can't wait. Cole was quite enthralled with the sound and seemed excited for his first "daddy and me" quad ride; the quality guy time - I wonder if they sell a newborn size riding helmet to match dad's? Probably not. ;)

Note: I wrote this blog before he actually DID it - Mike was telling the truth about going within the week! On Monday, he packed Cole into the front carrier, hopped on the quad, and took him for a tour of the yard - it was actually kind of cute! I'm sitting in the recliner, feeding Braden, and Mike and Cole zoom by the window...His eyes were as wide as dinner plates. He loved it! And Cole did, too. ;) Of course, I snapped a picture of the bonding time! Cole loves being outside, so the quad ride sent him over the edge of happiness.

The boys and their toy

Some numbers in an average day at the Ertel Zoo!

nails clipped...(normally weekly)...104 (fingers and toes of three kids, 8 paws of dog)
oz of formula mixed and used in one day...84
diapers changed, accidents included...around 25
outfits thrown in the wash....usually around 3-4 for Braden, 2-3 for Alex...and Cole has been in the same outfit for 4 days! Just kidding - but he rarely needs a change - I have to remember to do it every so often because I'm always changing somebody!
burp cloths used...9
bottles washed...19
batteries used...about 8 Ds, 4Cs and 8 AAs per week...I know that will increase as they get older!
pictures taken since their birth...1051...and counting!

Also, because we are so bored around here, we're planning the Christening and preparing for a garage sale in between feedings. ;) It's been crazy lately and the reason why I haven't gotten anything done...thank you notes...returned emails...laundry... blogs...new pics...not a thing! Good preparation for toddlerhood, I say...get used to it, Mom!

Until next time - The kids all say 'hi' and will soon be attempting to go out for more adventures now that they are getting a little older; hopefully we will start to see more of you all!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mike likes the attention

I know that you guys must be getting sick of the "attention we get" blogs...I promise this will be the last one for a while...it's just that it's really one of the most interesting ways having triplets has affected our lives so far. It's something I never saw coming, especially in this intensity!

I never would have thought it, but I think Mike likes the attention! As most of my past blog posts have professed, sometimes quite obviously, I pretty much dislike any of the spotlight we are in when walking around with these guys any more. I know it's not exactly a humble analogy, but I think this is what it must be like to be a celebrity! Definitely not to the same degree, but I am sure Lindsay Lohan must feel like she wants to go to the store sometimes and just be "Lindsay". We can't go anywhere anymore without a ton of conversations with people, the whispering, the pointing! Having triplets, out of necessity, you try to become a model of efficiency and have to view errands anywhere as an experience, not just an errand, or you will go crazy! I think that's why it bothers me so much! You get used to doing everything as fast as possible and when you are forced to slow down, my first reaction is irritation at my schedule slipping away. ;)

So, if you haven't read the past posts, you now know that it disconcerts me quite a bit (that is, most of the time - but not always! If we are not in a hurry or if the kids are not in a hurry...aka hungry...I enjoy the stories we hear!). I usually avoid eye contact as much as possible and walk briskly as if I am eternally late for an appointment. That stops most people from initiating a conversation...but not all! I sometimes get chased through the store, people yelling from behind... "Stop! Wait!"

Short story long, I now know that Mike is the polar opposite of me when it comes to this subject...We were driving home from a doctor appointment last Monday and I asked if we could stop at Target for one quick thing...so quick, it would only take me 5 minutes, door to door! I expected him to say, "ok - but hurry!" The kids were crying and that meant endless loops around the parking lot, hitting every bump you could find in effort to coax them down to a dull roar. Instead, to my surprise, I heard a cheerful..."We'll come in with you!" Wait a minute...What?? Is he crazy? All the work of getting them out and into the stroller, all the while they are all screaming...in what could only be disagreement with daddy's plan of action...for a 5 minute item...and he wants to go in??! Yikes.

And then it hit me smack in the face...he actually likes the commotion we cause! He must! I'm putting this together because this would not be the first time he would go out of his way to bring the kids into public. He gets this grin on his face and proudly rolls them into the store, head held up high, actually seeking out eye contact with complete strangers!...and, true to form, before we even hit the front door...."wow! Triplets?" *sigh*....I hope he's enjoying this!

Although, I'm not sure if it's the kids or the stroller he most enjoys showing off. I swear he gets that Tim Taylor Tool Time guy "laugh"...you know which one I mean? The one that denotes a guy showing off his manly equipment to another guy...a primitive communication that only guys understand...and only something like a triple stroller can bring out in them.

Oh well...I guess if he enjoys it - he can have all the glory! I'll go hide in the shoe department. I'll look at this as an opportunity to socialize the kids...as well as the husband. ;)

He's enjoying this! Look at the proud papa...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weight Update!

Remember that statistic about the average newborn doubling their weight in the first 4 months? Yikes! We really are in trouble...

The kids were weighed almost a week ago...Alex really filled out! She's now up to 9 lbs! And the boys were roughly weighed at around 12 lbs. Holy Cow! That's triple in under 3 months. ;) Alex definitely looks different already, gaining most of it in the last 2 weeks.
They are all really growing at an amazing rate...who would of thought we would ever be here, talking about all of them around 10 lbs...when we were so happy to see 4 lbs right before they were born...it really is amazing how fast they are growing. Life is good!

The stroller seems to be causing the most attention when we go out...if only we could have that convienience without throwing up the "freak show over here!" flag every time we go out! It's fun to watch all the reactions and start to notice a pattern in people. I've noticed that the women almost always notice the kids and talk about them...whether it's to us or about us...and the guys...you guessed it! They always notice the stroller and want to talk about that! It's too funny how every couple falls into this stereotype.

Genuine surprise usually lets all sorts of things come out of peoples' mouths before they realize they are asking all sorts of silly and invasive questions...things like "Did you have them all at once?" Ummm...I don't even know how to answer that one! Or the famous..."did you use fertility drugs?"...Ahhh...I'm not sure it's anyone's business! But the surprise of seeing these guys makes people act a little weird and little rude sometimes. We usually tell people that we are hurrying so we can finish before they are hungry again...but most people don't hear that...they just keep us there, asking questions. Sometimes I wish we were invisible!

We took Braden for a walk in a carrier backpack the other day to the Lancaster 4th of July fair...The other two stayed with Grandma because they were sleeping..Braden wasn't (surprise, surprise!) so he got to go for a walk with us. It was really weird to just have "1 baby attention"! The people that noticed him and stopped to say something to us were the genuine baby lovers...it was nice for a change!

And I heard my favorite response to seeing the triplets from a stranger the other day...A woman walked by us with her early teen son and glanced at the triplets...never stopping...and said "WOW! Triplets..."...she looked at her son and said..."I can't IMAGINE three of you." Too funny. That one made me genuinely laugh out loud.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Motherhood is a funny thing...

I suppose all parenting is the same, but it sneaks up on you. With Mike going back to work last week, I was pushed into the ring full time (with lots of help!)and I guess I can say that "the gene" kicked in. Phew! Thank God, because I have to say, I was a little worried there for a while. This is the one I've been waiting for, holding my breath to see if it became real, like a young girl hoping she develops in kind along with the rest of her friends. It feels like a transformation...There aren't any words to describe the feeling that steals over you and how much stronger you feel as a person.

There are no limits to what the human body can accomplish - it's kind of spooky what it's designed to do, almost like we are automatically programmed with primitive responses to life. I saw it when I was pregnant, how the body adapts and prepares for a little life and the challenges of birth...for example, increasing the amount of blood volume in your body to compensate for the loss of so much during the birth...it blew my mind to realize just how automatic and instinctual the whole process is...so many little things going on and falling into place without you even knowing it...mother nature/God/physiology takes over and you are left feeling the awe of creation.

I guess that's what I think happens in motherhood too...a set of built in responses takes over to help you overcome the obstacles and challenges for each phase and still leaves you feeling some peace to how much your life has changed. I'm not going to lie...there was some part of me when I was pregnant that felt a resentment and a deep sadness for how much our lives were going to change...I imagine having one baby feels the same in a way...and I worried that the selflessness and boundless energy of being a parent (a triplet parent even!) would never come to rest over me. But then one day, like getting a superpower, it just does. There are still parts that are not fun, and you are definitely tired, but you know you need to get through them...and the key is that you don't have to be absolutely miserable for the duration...it's a choice and a mindset...I keep thinking of the quote I once heard about how it's not what happens to you in life, it's how you deal with what happens that matters (and it makes all the difference!). If you are going through a situation and you can find a laugh in it somewhere, however small...it makes it a little easier to bear!

You just keep going, you know you have to...you have to dig in and find out what you are really made of... this beginning part feels a little like what boot camp might be like...but you surprise yourself with your new stamina...and hope you can keep it up! Living on iced cappuccinos, frappuccinos, anything-uccinos... iced tea... red bull....hate coffee and pop! What's a tired mom to do? Can I invent a way to caffeinate water? I would be a millionaire! ;)

In this evolution, you start to forget everything you ever wanted for your own life - your ambitions, your goals, your expectations for your own self - it all falls away, leaving a clarity of purpose...and instead you become intensely focused on making sure your children have everything they need to fulfill their dreams. Your own needs seem unimportant and you start to love living for them, feeling a peace that no one can ever explain to you...This new life with three forces you to live in the moment...realize that it is a blessing in disguise, so many parts about three are...it forces you to respect the meaning and purpose of your existence every minute of every day. Maybe it is stronger with three, I don't know...there is the realization that there is no turning back, you have to go all in...and you might as well enjoy the ride.

These are the most conflicted moments of my life. Before the kids, when facing a tough or undesirable situation I would just trudge through it, nose to the grindstone and just get through this...I want to face this now the same way, but I am realizing that I may never have this experience again...all three are going through this baby phase NOW (any phase will be the same way), at the same time...just like the pregnancy - no more feelings of them inside me, that special experience, that bond, I'll never have that again..I need to cherish moments while they last, enjoy the times, they happen so fast and then are gone... all of them have changed so much already... and I want to enjoy these cuddly times, these expressions and noises they make, these peaceful, sleepy quiet nights - the cozy and sweet moments with each one, just staring at their cute little faces, eyes shut, yawning, rubbing their eyes, nuzzling into your neck. Those sweet moments that you can't get back. The times when you use all your "free time" to just stare at them, seeing them all making funny little movements with their mouths, breathing so heavy, sighing sweetly, dreaming of all the day's big events and visitors...these are the moments you never want to be without...so enjoy them all and realize that even if this is tough, you are already getting such a big reward and it will be gone so soon.

So, to all of you moms and dads out there....you're doing a great job.

Motherhood certainly changes you...you'll never, ever be the person you used to be...but I wouldn't have it any other way; I like the "new" me. :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

X-rated...are you kidding?

It's pretty bad when you have to worry about the content your kids are taking in...it's whole other thing when they are censored themselves! I was posting new pictures on Myspace yesterday and included a few of their first "real" bath in the tub. They were so cute and definitely the embarrasing ones to show their future dates...But a few minutes later, I got an email from the My Space Administrator that my pictures were deleted and I was in danger of getting my profile removed...what?? I then realized that My Space has a policy that does not allow nude photos!! A little ridiculous, but they considered the pics to be in violation of that policy and pulled them...only 2 months old and already involved in a scandal! :) So, if you see a few with orange blocks covering the sensitive parts, now you know why!

The bath was fun to watch...tough to coordinate, but fun to watch! We decided to bathe them first, then feed them...so we waited until close to feeding time. Looking back, maybe that was a bad idea...

Alex was first up...I had to give her a little sugar water to satiate her hunger now that she was awake so close to chow time and not getting any food...she liked the bath for the most part and we were thinking how well it was working out - until the first brother started crying in the other room! We tried to finish her quickly, but still concentrate on her first bath being an experience (we videotaped it!). Funny how fast the crying escalated once we decided to politely ignore it for a few minutes! I swear he knew we decided to wait... Anyway, within a few minutes the other one started up too and it was time to finish up Alex. Ok, clean and documented...time for the next one!

Mike was in the bath tub with these guys with some swim trunks on so he could hold on to them - we thought it would be cute. Cute, but not efficient! Did we think this out beforehand?! Now what do I do? I have a wet baby in my hands who is now VERY hungry, two babies screaming in the other room who are VERY hungry, but not clean, two dogs and two cats in the room that were "just curious" and a husband in the tub waiting for the next one...not sure if he was hungry or not. I didn't ask. ;)

I think I was in the middle of this scream fest and thought...now what do I do? Who do I respond to first? Yikes! I decided that this bath thing while hungry was just not going to work, so we roused the boys and fed everyone. I think Mike did eat too, just for the record!
Ok, so now that we're all happy and fed, let's try this again! Braden was next and he liked the bath thing too...Cole was waiting for his turn and it was difficult keeping him awake and happy until that time while I was helping out with the bath - I wonder, could I buy more hands on ebay or something? At least Alex was asleep, full and clean....I should never think these things...because then they always change! Now she is crying...go get her settled...back to finish Braden and remember to keep it a happy first experience - don't rush! Braden decided that this was really relaxing, just laying half in the water on daddy's legs, facing him...well, he was so relaxed he started to pee on Mike's stomach! Of course, there was nothing he could do but protest and laugh..."Are you kidding me?" And that sort of made it worth it to be outside the tub - even if it was more work!

Ok, Braden out...dried, lotioned, diapered, calmed...and into the bouncy seat. Wait! Cole is currently occupying that seat - where do I put him down to switch kids? Mike takes the freshly washed Braden, Cole gets put on a towel on the counter...carefully supervised by my knee...take Braden from Mike, he goes into the bouncy seat and then hand Cole to Mike...is that Alex crying again??

Cole's turn! He actually hated it. Not sure if he was just scared, but he calmed down when Mike held him close - not the one I expected to hate it! We finished him quickly too, just long enough to capture the moment while Braden started fussing in the corner. We definitely could have used another set of hands!

Now mommy needs a bath! I was soaked with sweat from moving so fast and harried and the fact that it was 97 degrees outside. So, it took a while and some juggling, but mission accomplished...all fed, bathed and asleep in only 3 hours!

Wait, we have to do this again tomorrow? Yikes. Anyone want to come over and help? ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The reactions...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Everywhere we go..."Oh my GOD!"

It really is amazing just how many times you hear this phrase when toting around triplets...and it is almost always followed up by..."GOD bless you!" I guess it's reassuring to know that GOD is with us and is making sure we know that through all the people we attract! If only we had a dollar for every time we heard it...we could pay for an endless supply of diapers! But, it's not the only phrase we hear...some good, some bad, I guess (my all time favorites and used by way more people than you'd think..."Better you than me"...or "I would shoot myself if I had those!" I am not kidding.) I saw a funny t-shirt on the triplet mom chat website the other day...it only boasts the answers to all the favorite typical questions we get when we're out and about - "Yes, there are three of them!" "Yes, I have my hands full!" "No, I do not get much sleep!" ... I think I may invest in a few of those. Not that I mind the questions, but after the third or fourth person that stops you with the same ones, it gets a little difficult to keep answering with the same exuberance!

I heard a statistic the other day that the average newborn doubles their weight in the first 4 months of their life....well, then we must have 3 little piggies! Their second month check up was last Thursday and when we heard their weights we were quite surprised! The boys weighed in at 9 lbs, 7 oz (both) and Alex was 6 lbs, 9 oz. That's just about double for all of them...in TWO months! Yikes! I guess they won't be following the regular statistic curve for quite a while and we have to get used to that... ;) They are growing quite well and we are super happy to see them flourishing.

They are all getting more aware and alert every day now...They love to just look around with those big blue eyes of theirs! Life is just starting to become interesting to them. They are all still having severe reflux problems and we are trying to find the right medicine for them to be comfortable until their muscles fully develop. Braden has it the worst right now and we are hoping they will respond to this latest prescribed medicine. It is one of the most difficult things in the world to watch your children in pain and feeling helpless to fix it. Hopefully the next blog will bring good news on that subject! We can't wait to be able to enjoy them and see them enjoying the world.

Their personalities are starting to come out as well! Alex is our good girl...she is so independent and calm...patient and happy most of the time. Don't get me wrong - she cries! If she really needs something, she definitely lets us know! But, if we fix whatever she doesn't like, she's happy and quiet again. She has big, blue eyes and loves to just sit there and look around, at whoever is feeding her, the bright lights, the cat! She's so content and easy - if all three were like her, this would be a piece of cake! Just kidding, of course, but it's closer to the truth. Braden is our fussy one...he needs constant attention and demands it immediately! I call him Prince Braden because of these demands...and he certainly earns his nickname! He wants to be held 24/7 and we're trying to nicely let him know that it's just not possible anymore...and he doesn't like the new lessons! But he is such a lover...all he wants is attention and he is happy, so it's hard not to want to hold him 24/7! Cole is our strong man...he's the balancer as far as patience goes...sometimes he's as "good" as Alex, sometimes as "bad" as Braden...it's all up to his mood! He also seems to be the first to do everything...He is aggressive and such a boy! He hates baths and loves to eat = boy!

All in all, we are pretty darn lucky to have gone through what we have and come out with three perfect little cuties. It's hard not to cry in happiness and love every time they look up at me with those big blue eyes...and think...how can you not love being a mom?