"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity,
it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."
~ Agatha Christie

Alex, Cole and Braden - At 2 years, 2 months

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Imagine this scenario...

Relaxing in the house, spending time with the kids. A baby...(say, Alex) is in the bouncy chair in front of me, dozing off with her paci...looking quite comfortable. Another baby...(maybe Cole) is in my arms, being fed and feeling positively gorged, I'm thinking. And yet another baby...across the room in his swing (Oh, I don't know...how about Braden), looking happily up at the mobile, smiling even. All is good, all is calm, all is in control...

Then all of a sudden, one harmless occurance, like a blanket falling off of a lap onto the floor, causes an explosive chain reaction that is all too common in this house lately!

Swing causes blanket to fall off Braden's lap...binkie pops out of mouth...scream erupts instantaneously...which causes drowsy Alex to wake with a start, eyes wide open, hands out, paci falls out, cries erupt...and then Cole, happily trying to burp, starts to fidget unhappily and ultimately erupts into a HUGE burp that produces large quantity of spit-up that promptly goes down the arm of my hoodie. Erupting seems almost a fad these days!

*big sigh*...this is my life right now. ;) How quickly things change!

I was realizing last night that on an average day, these poor kids aren't getting a square deal! They have to live their life in "thirds of attention"...1/3 of mommy's attention all the time or all of mommy's attention 1/3 of the time. It's not always the same, I do try to rotate the lion's share of attention...sometimes I have more patience and they all get more learning stimulation than they can handle from me the whole day - other times they get a good chance to practice their self-soothing skills in a bouncy seat! I keep telling myself that it will make them stronger and more patient individuals...there's no chance we will have any spoiled kids around here...no time for that!

I have been entirely a non-blogger lately because we're still coping with the reflux and some sleeping issues with the kids. Even so, there are some moments we get that make it all worthwhile...like the smiles! They are all starting to smile and it takes my breath away. Just like in the womb, Cole is still the front runner; doing most things first. He's our indicator...once he does something, it's usually only a day or two before his siblings follow. It's quite interesting! He may be the first, but not always the most consistent.

Alex is actually the best at holding her head up high...and I think she is the most curious of her surroundings. And she is so interested in her brothers...Oh, but she is a little princess! She HAS to be sitting upright, or she lets out a scream.....yikes. The neighbors even hear it!
Braden has a 10 am smile fest, all on his own, looking up at the ceiling and thinking about something funny! He seems to like ceilings. Huh. Forget the toys! He loves tummy time (He's awesome at it!) and almost wants to crawl right over the boppy. The other day, when put on his tummy, he actually rolled right over onto his back!

And Cole has been so close to giggling. It's all quite hilarious, I can't help giggling myself while watching the new laughter. He is the most content of the three right now; he usually just wants to sit in your lap, giggling and cooing. It's so nice to finally see what a happy baby looks like!
As far as sleeping through the night goes...they are finally starting to show some signs that they may be ready! Mike has the 10pm feeding and we let them go to wake up on their own for the 2am feeding. Lately, they have been consistently going until 5 or 6am before screaming for breakfast! Although, I have to admit, they are swing addicts. They nap and sleep in their swings for now (beacause of the reflux) - so the true measure of sleeping through the night will only come after they stop getting automatically rocked to sleep every time they wake through the night. I'm really not looking forward to weaning them off of these wonderful inventions. Either way, we are definitely on the road (even if it isn't paved and it's quite long) to a little more freedom...and it feels good!

The kids are really getting quite big - Alex is probably almost 12 pounds by now...and the boys - yikes! I can only imagine. If I had to guess, I'd say around 15 pounds. They are packing on the pounds and we are loving every minute of it!

So, I walk out into the garage the other day and what do I see? My wonderful husband, consoling Cole. How, you ask? By sitting him on the quad and revving the engine, of course! Boys will be boys, I guess. Talking to him about how he will be taking him for rides soon...like, within the month...right! What a little kid! He can't wait. Cole was quite enthralled with the sound and seemed excited for his first "daddy and me" quad ride; the quality guy time - I wonder if they sell a newborn size riding helmet to match dad's? Probably not. ;)

Note: I wrote this blog before he actually DID it - Mike was telling the truth about going within the week! On Monday, he packed Cole into the front carrier, hopped on the quad, and took him for a tour of the yard - it was actually kind of cute! I'm sitting in the recliner, feeding Braden, and Mike and Cole zoom by the window...His eyes were as wide as dinner plates. He loved it! And Cole did, too. ;) Of course, I snapped a picture of the bonding time! Cole loves being outside, so the quad ride sent him over the edge of happiness.

The boys and their toy

Some numbers in an average day at the Ertel Zoo!

nails clipped...(normally weekly)...104 (fingers and toes of three kids, 8 paws of dog)
oz of formula mixed and used in one day...84
diapers changed, accidents included...around 25
outfits thrown in the wash....usually around 3-4 for Braden, 2-3 for Alex...and Cole has been in the same outfit for 4 days! Just kidding - but he rarely needs a change - I have to remember to do it every so often because I'm always changing somebody!
burp cloths used...9
bottles washed...19
batteries used...about 8 Ds, 4Cs and 8 AAs per week...I know that will increase as they get older!
pictures taken since their birth...1051...and counting!

Also, because we are so bored around here, we're planning the Christening and preparing for a garage sale in between feedings. ;) It's been crazy lately and the reason why I haven't gotten anything done...thank you notes...returned emails...laundry... blogs...new pics...not a thing! Good preparation for toddlerhood, I say...get used to it, Mom!

Until next time - The kids all say 'hi' and will soon be attempting to go out for more adventures now that they are getting a little older; hopefully we will start to see more of you all!

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