"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity,
it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."
~ Agatha Christie

Alex, Cole and Braden - At 2 years, 2 months

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I guess I'm the "weenie". More on that later...

Ok, the begging can stop!

I haven't posted about Halloween, well, because it isn't really wasn't all that exciting for us. I feel like such a bad mom for not making it great, but, hey..."sumthin's gotta give!"

I used to looooove the holiday, living at home and then right after we first got married. It was so much fun getting dressed up, handing out candy and having a scary movie marathon. We used to have all sorts of Halloween parties here for the Youth Group we ran (scary, huh?), pulling out all the stops, but nowadays, it all seems like too much work. Bah, humbug...even if that's the wrong holiday reference.

Anyway, not many people come to our house to visit, usually (my family) - so we would be the only ones to enjoy the decor...we live out in the middle of nowhere and do not get trick-or-treaters either. You can't see our house from the road, so it's almost silly to even try. Christmas is another story! We don't care about anyone else, we do that for ourselves!

Once we had the kids, our precious time was commandeered to bathe, diaper, dress and soothe 3 babies. And now, well...now, we have no excuses left. I actually gave my BIL (who loves Halloween) all of our decorations a few years ago, since I thought we wouldn't be needing them for a while. So here we sit...decorationless, penniless and spiritless.

We had an idea for the kids last year that we would put into action this October 31st...well, now it's been pushed off yet another year. We just have not had the time to do what was necessary to make it work. They were going to be Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke...and their stroller the General Lee. I even found the perfect shirt for our little Daisy! But, as we neared the Big Day, we came to realize that the General Lee would never be ready to jump over closed bridges in time for the reveal. So, we abandoned that idea a week before D-Day...or would it be H-Day?...whatever.

We frantically searched for ideas for the three to fit into...we didn't want to just have them be random costumes found in a thrift shop. We wanted a theme! I thought it would be cute to copy another triplet mom from last year and do a stoplight theme... Super cute idea, but we needed the stroller to have that make any sense - and that would never fit inside a house for a party. Another idea scratched.

As I was folding their pajamas a few days before, I thought it would be cute if we all went as a "pajama party"! If I could just find robes and slippers for the three cuties (things they would use otherwise), we would be in business! Mike said no, he wouldn't do it. He was such a party pooper! He doesn't like to dress up, ever.

But I decided I would still dress up with the kids and set out to find the "stuff". My mother found most of what we needed, cute little robes and slippers... and we were good to go!

The night of Halloween is also our neice's birthday, so we set out to the in-laws and prepared to go trick-or-treating with them, cake to follow. We weren't going to have the kids dress up because they couldn't actually walk up and get candy yet - they would just be dressed in orange shirts and jeans, nothing special. Mike's sister happened to have three costumes from Halloween's past that were the perfect sizes for all three. So, we hurriedly dressed them up and rolled around the block.

Alex was Cheer Bear, Braden was a Pumpkin and Cole was Godzilla. Super cute. Instant Halloween! Just stuff them in and zzzzip! 5 minutes and we were out the door. Nice!




We walked around the block with Ellie the Birthday Girl and Clown ("curly shirley") and Robbie the Thomas the Tank Engine. It was nice, and the weather was perfect.

Mike with the "I just ate a piece of candy" guilty look...


We headed back for cake and pumpkin lattes - and the company of family. Happy Birthday Ellie!




The actual party was Sunday, so I was ready for them to be dressed up in the pajamas. I envisioned cuteness, Mike thought it was stupid. They slept really late that day, and we were super late for the party, so we decided at the last minute that we would just zip them up in the "instant costumes" again. I still went in my PJs as "Frazzled Mom", messing my hair up and frizzing it up on top of my head, circles under my eyes, etc... The whole family dresses up for the party and it's usually fun.

Well, once I got there, my costume morphed into "Trusting Schmuck".

No one else, other than all the kids there, was dressed up. I was the only one, trusting in the fact that in years' past, everyone but Mike dressed up. I didn't want to be a party pooper too, so I forced myself to find something and go. I didn't want to be picked on for my lack of holiday spirit. Well, I was goofed on... for dressing up.

Boy, did I feel stupid.

The kids looked cute, but were in their costumes for about 10 minutes at the party. What a waste! So glad we didn't actually spend time or money on their costumes, I would have been torqued! All in all, it was pretty uneventful and unspecial, sorry to say. Aren't you glad you waited all this time to hear that? ;)


MJ said...

I thought you looked great and comfy - I was a haphazard witch!!!

The Ertel Triplets said...

Really? I had no idea!